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Damien M Brown

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Damien’s Bio

Damien Brown is a highly experienced criminal defense trial attorney. Mr. Brown has tried well over 100 cases, the vast majority being major felony crimes, including murders, attempted murders, robberies, drug sales and possession, as well as many other violent and non-violent crimes.  Mr. Brown is widely regarded as one of the most competent and knowledgeable trial attorneys in New York City.

Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Brown attended the prestigious Georgetown University Law Center where he gained valuable experience representing people who could not afford legal representation under the guidance of the nation’s top criminal justice clinic.  In fact, Mr. Brown was voted by his peers as the student who most embodied the dedication required to truly serve their under-privileged client’s legal and social needs.

After law school, Mr. Brown worked as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office from 1997 through 2000, prosecuting thousands of misdemeanors, grand jury indictments, family court juvenile prosecutions and felonies. 

After proudly serving his city, Mr. Brown ventured out on his own and began his career as a private criminal defense attorney. For the past 18 years, Mr. Brown has built a sterling reputation among judges, prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys, as an honorable adversary and avid advocate for his clients.  Mr. Brown has been involved in numerous high-profile cases including Michael Velez in Kings County, Read Story, Adolph Osback in Queens County, Read Story, and Christopher Moore in Bronx County, Read Story.  Attorney Damien Brown prides himself on his upbringing both by his parents and his experiences being raised in Harlem, NY. 



Georgetown University Law Center
Doctor of Law (JD)


New York State Bar Association
Apr 1998 – Present

Assigned Council Panels

Federal Bar Association
Southern District New York
Eastern District New York

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